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Valentine’s 2017

While I find the story and & origin of Valentine’s Day remarkably fascinating, I’m truthfully not the biggest fan of the holiday. In light of that, Johnathon still wanted to celebrate since it was our first Valentine’s as husband and wife – so we compromised with by making it fairly low-key and in our home. […]

My Travel Essentials

We are currently packing for our 2nd trip of 2017 and could not be more excited! Last week, we made a last minute decision to head back to Nebraska and this weekend, we’re headed to Denver, Colorado to celebrate my 26th birthday. This will be our 2nd trip to Colorado and look forward to exploring […]

Christmas Traditions

Like most people, I LOVE the holidays. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year. Something  I love most about the holidays is that it’s about family and passing down or creating new traditions. It allows you to both branch out but keep your loved ones close when you can’t be with them during this […]

Date Night… Home Edition.

We believe that dating even after you’re married is so important to a relationship. It gives you a chance to re-connect, re-learn about each other and hopefully find out something new about each other. There should never be a time that you say “I already know everything about this person.” That simply isn’t true. As […]

The Wedding, his POV P1.

I wake up in somebody’s basement, which is weird, because I can’t immediately remember who it belongs to.  A few seconds pass before it hits me– it’s Friday, I’m in Mark Peetzke’s basement, and I’m about to be married.  Ohhhh boy. There are no butterflies in my stomach yet.  It feels unreal in a way, […]

The Wedding – Her POV

After over a year of planning, it was finally here. I can honestly say without the help of our family and friends it would not have been possible. On Friday, May 20, 2016 I awoke at 2:30 in the morning shivering filled with knots in my stomach. The hotel suite I rented for my bridesmaids […]

Our DIY Engagement Photos

We recently got word that our wedding photos were almost finished and we could not be more excited! We really enjoyed working with our amazing wedding photographer, Allison Garrett Johnson, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in the Seward – Lincoln area. She’s fun, flexible, and very easy to work […]