About Me

bestkrysten1Hello there! My name is Krysten, and I am a Hawai’i born, military brat who’s left her heart in several places around the country including: Washington State, Nebraska, Iowa, and New Hampshire. I’m a newlywed creating a home with my darling husband, Johnathon, and baby cat, Ava, in South Dakota. By day I’m an office administratior and by night I’m a private tutor for students grades: k-12.

I’m a soul searching, dream chasing, lifestyle entrepreneur who is passionate about: relationships, travel, photography, education, food, healthy living and that’s exactly what I hope to reflect on this space. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by and to learn from several talented professionals in varying fields and am so happy to share what I learn with you. And hopefully, have some of them here on the blog! Howeve3333r, the conversations shared here should not be a one way street, and hope you take this as your own personal invitation to join in, ask questions and share!

Beyond all else, I’m the biggest believer in spreading kindness and hope to integrate that into this blog. I hope that you take a chance to jump in, and begin this journey with me!