Happy Birthday, Johnathon!

056Yesterday, Johnathon celebrated his 24th birthday! Sometimes I get asked if it’s strange that I’m 2 years older than him, but truthfully I don’t think it matters much. Once you hit 18 it’s not really a big deal. Anyway, we had originally thought about going to either Phoenix or Las Vegas for the weekend, but didn’t find any tickets that would work with our schedule. So we decided to stay home and Johnathon asked if I would play his favorite PC game, League of Legends with him. And I agreed.

So, on Friday his parents came up and it was supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately we were all a little too obvious and Johnathon figured something was up and I ended up needing to tell him since he needed to go into work for a few hours. Since I was at work on Friday Johnathon and his parents spent the rest of the day together and we all met up for lunch at the Firehouse Brewing Company (which I’ve reviewed before) for lunch.

On Saturday, I spent the day with his family since Johnathon needed to go into work and we headed back into Downtown Rapid and did a bit of site seeing and shopping. We had lunch at Ichiban Sushi Bar and Japanese Grill before going home and making banana bread.

On Sunday, we had breakfast and played Ticket to Ride, a board game, before his family needed to hit the road back home. The weather was quite bad, so they wanted to make sure they got home safely. However, because of the weather, Johnathon and I lost power for about 1-2 hours. That evening we went to dinner at Fuji, which is a Japanese steakhouse and we did the hibachi grill. If you’ve never experienced a hibachi before, I would definitely recommend it! Our chef was very entertaining and did several tricks which we found fairly amusing.

When we got home, I made good on my promise to play League of Legends with Johnathon. We did a tandem style play mode where I controlled the keys and he controlled the mouse and we did a 1 v 1 against his best guy friend, Joel. Hopefully, it was a successful evening for the birthday boy and I hope I can do something a little more for him within the week since he made my birthday so special for me that I want to do the same for him.


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