Valentine’s 2017


While I find the story and & origin of Valentine’s Day remarkably fascinating, I’m truthfully not the biggest fan of the holiday. In light of that, Johnathon still wanted to celebrate since it was our first Valentine’s as husband and wife – so we compromised with by making it fairly low-key and in our home. Which I was perfectly content with. We celebrated on Sunday evening and honestly splurged a little by having a “surf and turf” themed meal with king crab legs, steak, green beans and strawberry cream pie for dessert.

It was really nice to turn on spotify, put away our phones and re-connect as we dined. Even our cat, Ava, enjoyed the festivities as she was spoiled with bits of meat with us. Because it isn’t a big deal in our home, we didn’t exchange and physical gifts but gave each other the gift of our time by giving each other our undivided attention. Which was quite refreshing and rejuvenating. All-in-all, it was a wonderful Valentine’s day celebration – and exactly us.


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