Find the best YOU.


Years ago, I spent some time in therapy where I learned the importance of “self-care.” As a person who cares deeply about personal and public health, I definitely understood the benefits of self-care and how it improves ones well-being. However, I found that lately I’ve been neglecting my emotional and mental needs. That I’ve depleted my sources and was running myself ragged. I found myself more cranky and frustrated than normal. Which, if you know me – when I’m frustrated I get my words confused and feel as if I’m verbally dyslexic. So, I decided to add the practice of self-care to my goals for the year.

As January drew to a close, I sat down and assessed where I am mentally and emotionally. I wrote that down and made a commitment to myself to engage in myself one night a week for the month of February and take some time to re-charge. At the end of the month, I’ll re-assess my health. In order to commit and to hold myself accountable, I’m challenging YOU to do this with me!

Here’s the deal: once a week for at least 10-15 minutes. Take some time to yourself, and be a little selfish. Whether it’s drinking a cup of tea or doing some stretches, that’s up to you. As the month goes along let me know how you’re doing and at the beginning of March I’ll write about my experience and what worked for me!

This week, I’ll be sitting in my favorite chair in my office/library space drinking tea and delving into a good book. Ready? Let’s go!


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