Monthly Archives: February 2017

Top 10 Travel Tips: Packing Light

Like most travel enthusiasts, I’m a big believer that packing light is a large proponent to an almost stress-free trip. As a classic “type-A” I like to ease my overbearing tendencies by controlling the only aspect of a trip I know I can be 90% successful in – the packing stage. Today, I’m going to […]

Valentine’s 2017

While I find the story and & origin of Valentine’s Day remarkably fascinating, I’m truthfully not the biggest fan of the holiday. In light of that, Johnathon still wanted to celebrate since it was our first Valentine’s as husband and wife – so we compromised with by making it fairly low-key and in our home. […]

My Bucket List

Sorry for the really lame cop-out post this week, y’all. But I love looking up bucket list’s on pinterest and finding new blogs that way. So, I thought about updating my bucket list and Johnathon and I made a night of it! We each wrote down our bucket list’s and re-shared any new dreams and […]

Find the best YOU.

Years ago, I spent some time in therapy where I learned the importance of “self-care.” As a person who cares deeply about personal and public health, I definitely understood the benefits of self-care and how it improves ones well-being. However, I found that lately I’ve been neglecting my emotional and mental needs. That I’ve depleted […]