Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Wedding: his POV Part 2

Our encounter with Krysten in the Lobby is too close for comfort, but it’s something that we all laugh about as 3 o’clock draws closer and closer.  Mark still needs his vest, so we head down to the Men’s Warehouse just off of O street.  Mark doesn’t know Lincoln very well so I navigate from […]

A Surprise Adventure…

This weekend, Johnathon and I celebrated our three year dating anniversary. You’re probably wondering why we celebrate our dating anniversary since we’re married now, but the answer is that both days are significant to our relationship and we wanted to honor them. To date, we have gone on a trip to celebrate our anniversary. For our […]

Date Night… Home Edition.

We believe that dating even after you’re married is so important to a relationship. It gives you a chance to re-connect, re-learn about each other and hopefully find out something new about each other. There should never be a time that you say “I already know everything about this person.” That simply isn’t true. As […]

In the Kitchen: Ground Beef Wellington

When our family came over to visit last week, I had a really difficult time thinking about what to make for dinner. We originally thought about stuffed peppers, but I wasn’t sure that would feed our crowd of 7. So, Johnathon encouraged me to try something new. I scoured my many cookbooks and finally decided […]

Life Lately: July 2016

We can hardly believe that we are 2 days into August. Where did the time go? Between settling into our job routines, hosting Austin, and a weekend visit from our Nebraska family – time has definitely flown quickly. July was such a memorable month, we had a lot of fun exploring, showing Austin around Rapid […]