Monthly Archives: July 2016

Mini Carnoali Reunion!

This weekend we had a full house. Mom, dad and Mary Carnoali made the trek from Nebraska to our little home in the Black Hills. Due to work obligations, it was a short weekend. They arrived at around 10:30 Saturday morning and our visit began just catching up. From Mary’s recent trip to Japan, to […]

Out of the Kitchen: Smallcakes

Honestly, it’s rare for us to eat out. So this weekend we headed out to Fuji: Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. We sincerely apologize, we were so hungry that we forgot to take pictures. Next time we visit, we’ll be sure take pictures and tell you all about it. Our favorite stop on our Saturday […]


Here is a collection of 15 poems that I have written over the course of my life. The Ruins as they Were The ruins as they were, crumbled, constricted by the thorns and branches of too great a distance, and too great a desire. The ruins as they were, lost under violent growths of green […]

Our Day at Sheridan Lake

  This weekend you could find us 30 minutes outside of Rapid City, surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest at Sheridan Lake. A man made reservoir in Spring Creek, you are transported to another world. Dying to get out on the water, we were so grateful to finally have the opportunity. It’s easy to […]

The Wedding, his POV P1.

I wake up in somebody’s basement, which is weird, because I can’t immediately remember who it belongs to.  A few seconds pass before it hits me– it’s Friday, I’m in Mark Peetzke’s basement, and I’m about to be married.  Ohhhh boy. There are no butterflies in my stomach yet.  It feels unreal in a way, […]

In the Kitchen: Spinach Manicotti

According to google, manicotti is an Italian word meaning “stuffed sleeve.” This or stuffed shells always manages to satisfy our lasagna cravings. It’s simple and delicious, what’s not to love? Beyond that, it’s also a very special meal to us because it’s the first meal that Johnathon made for me! Don’t believe me? It’s true! […]

In the Kitchen: Stuffed Peppers

In our household, stuffed bell peppers is definitely a family favorite. I think we make it once every other week! Part of the reason why we love this dish so much is the health factor.  For example, did you know that the typical garden bell pepper has twice the amount of vitamin C as does […]